2023 'hobo series' Gewurztraminer

2023 'hobo series' Gewurztraminer

Produced by Licence Number: The Hatch (306225)
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The Gewürztraminer grape is a true wanderer, a certified grape of the hobo variety, traversing the globe in search of a better tomorrow. Our 2023 Hobo Gew is a love letter to the itinerant nature of this spice-laden varietal.

On the nose, a garden of white flowers blooms, their fragrant petals mingling with zesty citrus notes, evoking a fearless spring awakening. The palate is light-bodied yet tenacious, a delicate dance of lychee and rose water underpinned by a crisp, racy acidity – a reputation that precedes it.

This wine is another vinous vagabond, a free spirit that has roamed from its Alsatian homeland to find a new in the "New World". This Hobo speaks of adventures untold, of midnights spent under starry skies, and of the eternal poet's pursuit of beauty in the endemic spicey nature of this oft maligned grape.

Raise a glass to the "rambling rose" that is Gewürztraminer, for in its wanderlust lies a fearless embrace of the world's terroirs. This hobo has found a folklore to call its own in our glasses. Santé, fellow hatchlings!

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