The Story of JPC

A long time ago, in a cellar
far, far away....

Episode XIII
A New Plonk

It is a dark time for flavor and freedom. Although small victories have been won, the forces of conformity have pursued independence across the Okanagan Valley.

Evading the oppressive rules of the wine world, a group of rebels led by Jason Parkes has established a secret base at the struggling First Estate Winery.

The evil Empire of sameness, obsessed with crushing individuality, has dispatched its agents across the region. But this new threat will not be contained...

Pursued by conformity's sinister enforcers, Jason and his compatriots race to revive First Estate. Custodians of a radical vision, they hatch a plan to save free thinkers and restore flavor to the valley.

In a stunning move, they unleash THE HATCH, SCREAMING FRENZY, and BLACK SWIFT VINEYARDS - brands with the power to awaken thirst for adventure. The Empire strikes back, but momentum builds as The Hatch opens, filled with the spoils of Screaming Frenzy and Black Swift.

Crown & Thieves, Truck 59, and The Hatching Post join the alliance. Black Swift and Screaming Frenzy move on to establish their own secret outposts.

Against mounting oppression, these rebels have ignited hope. But the Empire's ultimate weapon nears completion. Once unleashed, conformity will reign, unless these freedom fighters prevail. The end is nigh - but so too is a new dawn of flavor if they succeed. Where their victory will lead none can tell...the future remains cloaked in mystery.