2023 A Gris to Disagree

2023 A Gris to Disagree

Produced by Licence Number: The Hatch (306225)
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In the golden hour, when the orchards bask in the dying embers of the day, a fragrance permeates the air – the scent of ripe pears, their sun-kissed skins aglow. It is a harbinger of the vinous delights to come, a whispered promise from the 2023 "A Gris to Disagree" – a Pinot Gris that dares to challenge the conventions of its kind.

Upon the palate, a chorus of soft candies unfurls, each flavor note a whimsical invitation to embrace the wine's playful nature. Yet, beneath this veneer of frivolity lies a depth born of centuries of wanderlust. This vinous wanderer has traversed the old-world vineyards of Alsace and Switzerland, gathering wisdom and character with every step, like a hobo philosopher charming palates with its versatility and vivacity.

Raise a glass, dear friends, and let the "A Gris to Disagree" transport you to a realm where whimsy and reverence intertwine. Here, the plucky Pinot Gris grape takes center stage, defying convention with every sip, an unapologetic maverick that refuses to be silenced. For in this world of ours, sometimes the greatest pleasures come from embracing the unexpected, reveling in the delightful discord that makes life's symphony so richly melodious – a symphony where the underdog's voice rings out, clear and true, demanding to be heard, even in the face of interruption.


We hope you a Gris! 

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