2022 Dom and Dommerer

2022 Dom and Dommerer

Produced by Licence Number: Crown & Thieves (308909)
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The Goods
The waning moon cast her pale glow upon our sacred retreat this eve, where gathered in confident company I tasted the nectar borne of worthy vineyard. Dom & Dommerer, a sparkling ambrosia of '22, breathed blossoms and sunlight upon the senses. Its bright perfume unfurled like dawn, bearing citrus zest and orchard plenty sweetened by beeswax and stony nuance. On the tongue it sang bold song of peach and apricot, vivacious yet graceful, sharp as a thief's blade with citrus tang and spices fine. Produced from noble soil whose texture and bounty nurture each flourishing vine, the Crowns grapes ripened to perfection neath warm sun by day, cool dark by night. Nature and artistry blended their skills to bottle summer's glow and grace in a draught bringing light where shadows fall. A vintage reward for all weathering change and chance alike. May this drink and comrades gathered long bring comfort through days dark or fair.


The Con
Hey guv, I got something special for you - Dom & Dommerer, a sparkling wine with a cheeky nod to a certain posh drink at a cost that's free of any "Real Pain' but offers the type of "Sham Pain" that you and your real friends can appreciate. In spite of having the words Sparkling Stum where that posh drink puts their region, we don't use stum in this wine we add bubbles in the right proper way. We just did that to take the piss outta that other stuff and the label is all scraped up to remind us that sometimes the old ways ain't the best. So if you see a Monk hanging around here bullying about saying our bottle looks like his, just tell 'im to sod off, it's our own creation, born out of our desire for a good time without spending a fortune. Enjoy a glass, you've earned it!

The Take
92.6%: Crown & Thieves Vineyard Pinot Blanc
7.4%: Crown & Thieves Vineyard Muscat

Alcohol: 9.8%

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