2020 The Arch Doxy Cab Franc

2020 The Arch Doxy Cab Franc

Produced by Licence Number: Crown & Thieves (308909)
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The Goods
The parched palate shall blend sweet respite in this fine fruity firewater, a noble nectar nestled ‘neath the cork. Notes of ruddy currant and verdant bramble tease the tongue, while hints of graphite and herb tantalize the taste. Swirl and sip to unlock a procession of flavours - first the tart berry, then the savory olive, a parade of pleasure for the discerning drinker. This vintage vines’ finest offering yet, a worthy wet for the worsted throat. Let its ruby richness roll round the mouth and rouse the spirits with fruity freshness. A top tipple to toast.

The Con
The Dimber Damber is the King of all thieves, but he wouldn’t be half as cunning without his Queen: the Arch Doxy. She is his partner in crime, his loyal and fearless accomplice. She charms and schemes with grace and tenacity, facing challenges with a smile. She is the Queen of the Underworld, and she rules with elegance and strength. Cabernet Franc is the Arch Doxy of wines and the Queen of the Vineyard. It harmonizes refined elegance and bold strength, delighting the senses with its complex and rich flavours. It pairs well with any occasion, commanding respect and admiration. It challenges and rewards, leaving a lasting

The Shakedown
31 months in 100% neutral oak

The Take
100% Hans Estate Vineyard Cabernet Franc
Alcohol: 13.6%

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