2020 Scoundrels Punch

2020 Scoundrels Punch

Produced by Licence Number: Crown & Thieves (308909)
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The Goods
The elixir’s bouquet wafts dark berries and spice, a potpourri of pleasures for my olfactory organ. Swilling the ruby nectar invigorates my palate with hints of cassis, cloves and cedar. The lengthy, opulent finish is a felonious fruit-forward farewell, filching my full faculties.

The Con
To some, the word Scoundrel carries with it a negative connotation, a moniker usually reserved for the most wretched scum and villiany, those who take the utmost pleasure in cheating and swindling others. Yet it’s a common title amongst the canting crew. Scoundrels who lived a life of privation and toil, forced upon them by lowborn circumstances and ill education. Hard work and determination were sacrosanct to their survival and embodied their very ideals. Amongst their own, it was known: Scoundrels are made, they are not born. We count ourselves amongst that erstwhile group of natty lads. The Hawkers, Hucksters, and Graperow Grangers; Cellarratts, Winemakers, and Crushpad Captains. Each bottle of wine we create is made with the blood from our hands, sweat from our brows, and cheer in our hearts. So enjoy this wine, made by scoundrels, sipped by you!

The Shakedown
The varietal aromatics and flavours of this meritage blend shine through with great joie de vivre, unfettered as they are by the influence of new oak; nary a vanilla nor toast nor cedar note from the strictly neutral barriques interfere with the wine's terroir transmittance during its protracted sojourn spanning 28 lunations within those unobtrusive, characterless staves.

The Take
32% Merlot
32% Gamay
23% Cabernet Franc
10% Cabernet Sauvignon
2% Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 13.8%

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