2019 The Dimber Damber

2019 The Dimber Damber

Produced by Licence Number: Crown & Thieves (308909)
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The Goods
My brothers, last eventide I partook in a libation most curious and capricious. The “Dimber Damber,” a blend cunningly conjured from our vineyards’ darkest drupes. Upon the nose, scents most rare - licorice and smoke dancing with wild blackberry. On the palate, flavours sweet yet tart, a jammy joust ‘tween boysen and gravel. Its velvety body wrapped me in luxury, ‘til the lingering aftertaste of lavender and five-spice sent my senses reeling. Thorough 41 months in new wood, this virile vintage’s virtues were allowed to peak a balanced beverage brimming with intrigue sure to ignite the passions of any peer belonging to our peculiar pursuits. I prescribe it without pause!

The Con
In the criminal underworld, the Dimber Damber was the undisputed king of thieves. His band of misfits, the Canting Crew, was known for their daring exploits and unwavering loyalty. The Arch Doxy, a fiery redhead with a taste for danger, was the queen of the thieves. The Bachelors Son, born out of wedlock, was a smooth-talking rogue. The Broken Wing, mentored by the legendary Dimber Damber himself, was a quiet but
fierce warrior. Together, these thieves created a wine that was fit for a king - the Dimber Damber blend. A blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, it was a masterpiece of the craft . The Dimber Damber blend was a true reflection of its creators - bold, smooth, and with a captivating charm. It was a treasure, swiped from the vineyards and transformed by the hands of the most talented scoundrels in the land.

The Shakedown
41 months in 100% new oak

The Take
42.9%: Monarch East Bench Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon , 42.9%: Monarch Paradise Vineyard Merlot , 14.3%: Monarch East Bench Vineyard Cabernet Franc

Alcohol: 13.7%

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