2022 Pet's D'Oc Gewurtztraminer

2022 Pet's D'Oc Gewurtztraminer

Produced by Licence Number: Crown & Thieves (308909)
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The Goods
This 'ere 2022 Gewürztraminer is a real fruity number, if ya catch my drift. The nose on this bad boy is as floral as a blushing bride, with hints of lychee and melon that’ll tickle ya nostrils like a feather. And when ya take a swig, the taste is pure class - And the taste, oh boy, it’s got more minerality than a coal mine, proper rich it is. And the orchard fruits, well, they’re sweeter than a stolen kiss. This vintage does delight the senses to such a degree, ‘twould bring joy to any countenance.

The Con
Deep in the heart of our vineyards lies a hidden treasure, known only to the most discerning of scoundrels. They whisper tales of a wine so mysterious, so enigmatic, that it can only be described as “Pets D’oc.” The name itself is shrouded in secrecy, a nod to the winemaker’s beloved hounds and a sly play on words that only the most cunning of linguists could decipher. Some say it is the nectar of the gods, while others swear it is the elixir of the underworld. But all who taste it agree: this is a wine like no other, crafted by our very own Dimber Damber, whose skills as a vintner are matched only by his prowess as a canting crew member. And like the man himself, this wine is both mysterious and alluring, with subtle hints of the unexpected that keep you coming back for more.

The Shakedown
Oak? Never touch the stuff

The Take
100% Gewurztraminer 
Alcohol: 12.8%


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