2022 Long Road Chardonnay

2022 Long Road Chardonnay

Produced by Licence Number: Black Swift Vineyards (308531)
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The 2022 single vineyard Chardonnay tantalizes the senses with a nose of a tropical fruit salad, each aroma evoking visions of faraway isles and golden sand beaches. The bouquet alone is enough to transport the imbiber to an idyllic island paradise. On the palate, the wine expresses a masterful balance of flavors, with crisp and fresh citrus fruit dominating the taste buds. This elegant and refined wine possesses a purity of flavor that can only be achieved through the exclusive use of stainless steel fermentation. Devoid of any oak aging, this chardonnay’s purity and complexity are allowed to shine through, creating a vivid and captivating experience. A wine this pure and refreshing deserves to be enjoyed on a pristine, sun-drenched afternoon or alongside a succulent seafood platter, ideally in the company of good friends and good conversation.

Yarrow Vineyards is a stunning 10-acre vineyard in the heart of Oliver, BC. Divided into three sections, it boasts 3 acres of new vines, 3 acres of old vines, and 4 acres of freshly planted vines. The vineyard is home to various grapes, including the sophisticated Chardonnay, the robust Cabernet Franc, and the velvety Merlot. Situated on the eastern side of Highway 97, Yarrow Vineyards basks in early sun exposure, thanks to its position. The soil is a mix of sand with mineral and clay ribbons underneath, creating the perfect growing environment for grapes. As the “Wine Capital of Canada,” Oliver’s semi-arid climate with hot summers and mild winters offers an extended grapevine-growing season, resulting in top-quality grapes. At Yarrow Vineyards, every detail of viticulture is monitored meticulously, from planting to harvesting. This devotion to viticulture ensures that only the finest grapes are harvested.

100% Chardonnay
100% Stainless Steel ferment and maturation. No ML. 
Alcohol: 12.4%

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