2022 Screaming Frenzy Chardonnay

2022 Screaming Frenzy Chardonnay

Produced by Licence Number: Black Swift Vineyards (308531)
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The latest frenzied chard is a sun-worshipping, fun-loving beach dweller. Wafts of vanilla, wafers, coconut sunscreen and lemon groves offer an escape to paradise. This firecracker provides the complete warm weather experience in a glass- all balanced sizzle and pop. Underneath the tangy citrus and tropic tones, sweet oak does a tango, keeping things interesting with each bright sip. A screaming summer sensation not for the faint of heart, this thrill ride of a chard will make you want to throw on shades, crank the tunes and stay out past sunset. 

This label was one of our first designs, back when we were still selling our wares out of the hatch. The idea behind it was to remind us of the delicate beauty and boundless potential of an egg with a crack in its shell. The Black Swift birds that carry the egg away are there to guide the egg on its journey into the unknown. It's a powerful reminder to embrace new beginnings, never limit ourselves and always strive for the extraordinary. The egg, small and fragile, holds within it the potential for greatness, which is something that we hoped we had the potential for when we started our journey in this wild wine world we now call home. 

8 months in steel, imparting precisely zero wood character while allowing the natural fruit to shine through. Oak staves offer all the oak flavour without the environmental guilt, it's a win-win really. 
100% Chardonnay
Alcohol: 12.2%

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