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Frances Whittaker

Head Hobos of

In the welcoming embrace of The Hatch, Jessie Marshall and Fran Whittaker shine as the quintessential Custodians of Charm, orchestrating every guest interaction with grace and a smile. These extraordinary women are more than just managers; they are the vibrant heart and soul of our front-of-house operations, where every customer is treated like family and every visit becomes a cherished memory.


Jessie Marshall

Ambassadors of Atmosphere | Custodians of Charm

Jessie brings a spirit of adventure and a knack for genuine connection, turning every encounter into an opportunity for engagement and delight. Fran, with her effervescent British charm, infuses a bit of international flair, making the atmosphere at The Hatch uniquely inviting. Together, they ensure that the shop is not only a place to purchase wine but a destination where stories are shared and new favorites are discovered.

Their roles extend beyond mere management; they are the architects of the first impression and the lasting relationship. Whether guiding a tasting or hosting an event, Jessie and Fran's attention to detail and their intuitive understanding of guest needs translate into impeccably curated experiences. They champion the Hatch's ethos of warmth and inclusivity, ensuring that each visitor leaves with a sense of belonging and a desire to return.

Jessie and Fran’s efforts are a cornerstone of The Hatch’s reputation for exceptional hospitality. They embody the essence of what it means to be not just a host but a memorable part of the guests' stories. With each recommendation and conversation, they weave a tapestry of community and celebration, highlighting the Hatch's commitment to quality and comfort.

As we celebrate the spirit and dedication of Jessie and Fran, we recognize their indispensable role in making The Hatch a beacon of warmth and welcome in the wine world. They are truly our Custodians of Charm, enriching every interaction with their passion for people and their love for what they do.

the hatchlings







Hobo Fermentarian

Jason Parkes


Head Hobo In Charge

Let me paint you a picture of Jason Parkes, not with a brush but with words steeped in the very wine he brews. He's not your garden-variety winemaker; no, Jason is more like a myth, born on the back of a broken-down tour bus, his destiny fermented in the oak barrels of fate.

Imagine a winemaker as a rockstar, but instead of a guitar, he wields a wine thief—the kind used to pilfer samples from barrels. This is Jason. He came to us not through hallowed halls of enology schools, but on the gritty road of rock and roll, each turn as unpredictable as the wines he crafts. Self-taught, they say; a rebel, they whisper. Jason's education in wine came not from textbooks, but from the soil itself and a relentless drive to bend traditional winemaking into something audaciously his own.

At The Hatch, we don't just grow grapes; we cultivate legends. And Jason Parkes? He's our maestro, our mad scientist, mixing melody and malolactic with a virtuoso's touch. He believes in the essence of punk—challenging the status quo, where each bottle is a riot, each vintage a revolution against the ordinary.
He's known to proclaim that wine is merely "yeast poop" or "rotten grape juice" with a smirk, deflating wine snobbery with every bottle uncorked​​. It’s this irreverence that endears him to those who tour our grounds, looking not just for wine, but for a story soaked in authenticity.

So, when you sip a glass from The Hatch, remember: you're not just tasting wine; you're experiencing the essence of Jason Parkes. A renegade heart with a rockstar soul, forever captured in every bottle. Cheers to that—may the spirit of rebellion and the joy of creation swirl in your glass.


Hobo-nomic Helmsman

Graham Dell

Master of Vibes and Vision

Since the winter winds of 2017 swept him through our doors, Graham Dell has been the enigmatic force quietly sculpting the contours of The Hatch’s future. Not just an aficionado of the greens but a virtuoso of the vague, Graham maneuvers through the complexities of our venture with the mystique of a shadow and the precision of a putt.

His role? Let’s just say he's the master of keeping the gears turning smoothly, his methods as nuanced as his golf swing. In the world of winemaking, where the unpredictable is the norm, Graham is our anchor in the fog, ensuring that our boldest experiments don’t stray into folly. He charts our course with a cryptic smile, always two steps ahead, much like planning his next move on a fog-laden morning on the back nine.


Away from the spreadsheets, which he interprets with the adeptness of reading a challenging course, Graham finds solace in the quietude of the golf course. Here, amid the whispers of the wind and the rustle of the grass, he contemplates the undulating landscapes not just of land, but of our market strategies.
To those within The Hatch, Graham is both a guide and a riddle, a strategist cloaked in the charisma of a golfer who knows that the real game is played in the mind.
Join us in toasting to Graham, the serene strategist, whose every stroke is as deliberate as it is enigmatic.

Humble Hobo Artist

Paul Morstad

Paul Morstad is the visionary artist behind the enchanting labels of The Hatch, weaving his deep appreciation for nature, mythology, and music into the fabric of our brand. Born and raised across the western provinces of Canada, Paul’s artistic journey was influenced by the diverse landscapes and vibrant cultural tapestry of these regions. He pursued his passion for visual arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where he honed his skills in painting, drawing, and animation.

Paul’s work is marked by its magical realism, often exploring themes of ecological decay, mythology, and historical narratives. His art not only graces galleries but also brings a fantastical new look to B.C. wine, with The Hatch proudly displaying his vibrant, storytelling artwork on our bottles. This collaboration has allowed the visual identity of The Hatch to resonate deeply with both the local terroir and the imaginative realms Paul creates.


Now based in Vancouver, Paul continues to explore his artistic expressions through various mediums, including watercolours and animated films, while also enjoying his hobbies like bird watching and music. His art is celebrated both locally and internationally, appearing in collections across North America and Europe.

Paul Morstad's unique blend of narrative art and environmental consciousness makes every label a window into a richly storied world, enhancing the sensory experience of our wines. His work truly embodies the spirit of The Hatch, making each bottle a collector's piece and a conversation starter.

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