2017 Merlot Rider

2017 Merlot Rider

Produced by Licence Number: The Hatch (306225)
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This Merlot is a song you can sip. The black raspberry and irises are opening chords, juicy plums rock the chorus. The long finish is like the perfect ending. It's like a low rider cruising, but instead, you're savouring every sip. Cheers to a wine that's music to your taste buds. 

Merlot Rider is pure merlot wine, named after the classic tune “Low Rider” by War. The song, released in 1975, became a cultural touchstone for the Chicano community in Los Angeles and beyond, celebrating the lowrider cars that were a symbol of pride and style. With its infectious beat and catchy lyrics, “Low Rider” remains an enduring anthem of Latino culture and a beloved classic of funk music.

Ah, Merlot Rider. A wine so fancy it could probably teach etiquette classes to royalty. But don’t be fooled by its posh exterior, this bottle of fermented grapes is more than just another shiny object. If you listen closely, you can hear the wine whispering, “I am the Merlot Rider, the wine that rides low, low, low.” It’s enough to make you wonder if the bottle is somehow sentient, or if you’ve had one glass too many. But that’s the beauty of this fine beverage. It’s a bit mysterious, a bit playful, and a lot delicious. So go ahead, pour yourself a glass of Merlot Rider, and let the wine take you on a wild ride. Just don’t blame us if you end up doing cartwheels in the living room. 

100% Jaggers Rock Vineyard Merlot

Alcohol: 14.3%

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