2023 Octobubble

2023 Octobubble

Produced by Licence Number: The Hatch (306225)
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With its delicate hue reminiscent of the blush of dawn, Octobubble promises a symphony of flavors straight out of Beethoven’s fifth.

As we lift our glasses, the subtle aromas of nectarines and strawberries gently unfold, inviting us to deeply inhale and embrace the bouquet. With each sip, a harmonious blend of sweet cranberries comes alive, sparkling with the vibrant zest characteristic of youth. This vivacity is gracefully balanced with a refined sophistication, reminiscent of a classic charm.
This wine is a true artisan’s expression, crafted with the reverence of a Renaissance master. Imagine the grapes themselves as muses, whispering secrets of their terroir to the winemaker, who, like a poet, translates their whispers into liquid verse. The Cabernet Franc, a bold and brooding troubadour, lends its sturdy backbone, while the Pinot Noir, a delicate ingénue, brings a touch of coy charm.

With every sip, we taste the care and devotion poured into this creation – a labor of love that transcends mere winemaking and becomes an ode to the art of living. Raise a glass, dear hatchlings, and let the Octobubble transport you to a world where every moment is a “Sparkling” celebration, and the “Folklore” of the vine is etched into every effervescent burst.

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