2022 Chenin Blanc

2022 Chenin Blanc

Produced by Licence Number: Crown & Thieves (308909)
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The Goods

The 2022 Chenin springs from grapes granted sun and shelter in Summerland’s embrace. There amid stony Silts, the vines lay down deep roots, drinking deep of minerals that show on the palate. Their leaves are cloaked in the orchard scents blown down from Singita’s heights. On the nose, a emulsion of essences: honey bloom and lemon zest floating upon a glass like memories of country lanes washed clean. In the mouth it brings soft qualities to balance a flinty backbone, a floral cordial to buoy spirits yet steady the hand. Notes of apple and pear impart vivacity while thyme and chamomile impart poise and grace. This vintage was wrested from nature’s uncertainties through skill and vigilance. Though fickle elements toyed with the trophies ripening upon the vines, virtue of husbandry has granted us rewards: a wine of cut and charm, balanced and true, a liquid portrait of the land that gave it birth. May it grace your gatherings and tales for seasons to come.

The Take

100% Singita Chenin Blanc

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