2019 'hobo series' Cabernet Franc

2019 'hobo series' Cabernet Franc

Produced by Licence Number: The Hatch (306225)
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Breton, Morenoa, Gamput. A man of many monikers, Cab Franc to us is a quintessential hobo because even with in its homeland, Bordeaux (and it’s summer home, Chinon) it doesn’t receive the appreciation that it so deserves. Despite being the driving force behind Cheval Blanc, the most impressive and expensive wine in all St. Emillion, the roll of Franc is typically that of an accent in blends dominated by Cab Sauv or Merlot. Yet as the proud Papa of the precocious and attention grabbing Cabernet Sauvignon, Franc’s genius is its subtly and complexity as opposed to obvious overt ripeness.

Undeterred, Franc has wandered the world looking for reverence; Chile, Argentina and Tuscany have been known to produce amazing Francs. It even followed its son to Napa where it can be utterly beguiling, but like at home plays second fiddle to its offspring. But in The Okanagan, Franc might have found its home at last. Our growing season is perfect to get it ripe, it can handle the high heat and intense sun and produces a wine that is all Franc, but uniquely Okanagan. Welcome home, Bouchy. We’re glad you found your way to this most remote corners of the wine world. And here, you shall be appreciated.

‘This captures cab franc’s herbaceousness, the Okanagan’s purity and generosity, and The Hatch’s less-is-more winemaking style. One of their Hobo Series, this is from Mama D’s Vineyard on the Golden Mile

The ‘Hobo Series’.
First off, the definition of ‘hobo’
ho·bo (hō′bō)
n. pl. ho·boes or ho·bos
1. One who wanders from place to place without a permanent home or a means of livelihood.
2. A migrant worker.

We had a large debate on whether we should embrace the term hobo with these wines. First of all, the piece of Paul’s art that we used to create these labels is called ‘Tolsoy and the hobo moth’ after-all; and calling it the hobo series seemed very natural. After seeing the above definition of ‘hobo’ to us it also conjured up images of certain grapes that for whatever particular reason don’t get the credit and respect some other more famous grape colleagues have enjoyed over the years. All these grape, per se, have traveled from their homes in search of, to us at least, adventure and much less so notoriety. So in this line-up, we honour a range of less appreciated grapes and their true hobo spirit. This time around, Cabernet Franc. Our favourite Cabernet and the finest Franc.

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